Mac Bare Metal

Next-generation Mac Cloud. Built for an API-first world, it's designed for on-demand deployments and easy management.

Coming January 2020



Mac Bare Metal by Flow is an enterprise-class IaaS for macOS. It is perfect for developers and companies that need a super-fast, secure, and always-on iOS and macOS build environment in the Cloud. The underlying infrastructure is designed with maximum security and reliability in mind and it is hosted in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified, state-of-art datacenter in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Advanced networking

The Mac Bare Metal service comes with advanced networking functionalities as standard, like VPCs, Security Groups, Elastic IP Addresses and more. By default each Mac device is isolated within a secure, private network. It is perfectly suited for both simple and sophisticated network topologies.

Introducing MetalControl™

MetalControl is the world’s first Apple Mac remote management controller, an in-house-developed and patented product. It's equipped with smart features such as power-button control, power-cord control, Keyboard-Video-Mouse access and virtual media. Thanks to the unique functionality of MetalControl, tasks such as on-demand provisioning and management of physical Macs are possible via Control Panel and even via API. Literally, it allows you to control the physical Mac like a virtual machine.

swiss engineering

Remote management

On-demand provisioning

Provisioning a Mac device in the Cloud couldn't be simpler and faster. By using our intuitive Control Panel your dedicated Mac is just a few clicks away.

Power button control

Yeah, you read right. You can control the power button at any time. No matter if a short press to turn on the Mac, a press and hold to turn off the Mac or 10 seconds to reset SMC, everything is possible. It's almost magical.

Power cord control

Even though you can manage most situations with the power button, there are scenarios where you would like to make your Mac powerless. This is also possible thanks to MetalControl. You have the possibility to un-plug and plug-in the power cord any time.

Remote console (KVM)

The feature all Mac Cloud users have been waiting for. Web-based access to the screen of your hosted Mac is just a click away. You have control over your Mac even if no network connection to the device is possible (e.g. macOS update process). Of course you can also control the keyboard and mouse of your Mac.

Virtual Media (coming soon)

With our vision that a physical Mac should feel like a virtual machine, we make no exception here. The Virtual Media function allows the remote usage of image files (ISO, DMG). The Mac has access to the Virtual Media, and can read from it as if it were physically connected to the device USB port.

General features

Control Panel and API

Manage your Mac devices with an easy-to-use control panel. Trigger a power button push, access the screen-console, reboot in recovery mode, reset SMC etc. Last but not least, all actions can also be triggered via API.


Thanks to MetalControl, various workflows can be triggered with one click. For example a "Reboot in Recovery Mode" or a "Reset SMC" process. And there's more to come.

Predefined device types

A range of predefined Mac mini device configurations are available for every need. The latest generation of Mac Pro hardware will be available soon. Custom configurations available on request.

Fully dedicated

No noisy neighbours or shared resources to gum up the works and impact your workload. You are getting access to dedicated, genuine Apple Mac devices. In addition you are provided with root access which enables you to install, configure and run any macOS compatible software.

Connect from any OS

You can access your device(s) using Screen Sharing app (included with macOS), Apple Remote Desktop or any available VNC client which gives you direct access to the console. By using a VNC Client, you can even remote connect with a Windows or Linux Box.

Premium data center

Professionally hosted in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified, state-of-art datacenter in Zurich, Switzerland. The Tier 4 data center offers the highest security and availability standards.

Reliable by design

Thanks to redundant power-feeds and UPS systems, an emergency power system with diesel generators, a redundant Internet-uplink connectivity, the infrastructure is designed with maximum reliability in mind and offers guaranteed availability of 99.9%.

Support by experts

Around-the-clock remote support by experienced Mac engineers. A choice between Premium and Standard support levels where Premium is designed for enterprises that operate business-critical 24×7 operations.

Networking features

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functionality lets you provision and manage secure private network(s) where you can launch your Mac devices. With Mac Bare Metal by Flow, you get highest level of network isolation by default.

Elastic IP Addresses

Dynamically allocate or remap to any of your Mac devices with Elastic IPs (publicly-accessible static IP addresses).

Security Groups

With Security Groups, you can easily secure your Mac Cloud infrastructure and define which services and ports are visible on your devices.

Pure connectivity

With each device one dedicated, elastic IPv4 address is included. Unlimited data traffic and an 1 Gbit/s network uplink come as standard. Network traffic is not throttled in any way.

Experience the simplest control panel in the industry.

Standard Plans

Products CPU Memory Storage IPv4 Traffic Price*
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 1’595 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 595 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 595 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 195 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 15 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 155 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 155 /mo
CHF 0.006/h
t1.nano 1 1 GB 5 GB 1 IP 5 GB CHF 155 /mo
CHF 0.006/h

Included with all plans

  1. Customer Support - Around-the-clock support by experienced engineers. A choice between Standard (included) and Premium support plan.
  2. 99.9% Uptime SLA - If we fail to deliver on our realistic SLA, you will be eligible to receive a credit to your account.
  3. 20 TB Outbound Traffic - Per organization-account 20 TB of outbound traffic per month is included. Inbound and internal traffic is always free.
  4. 1 Elastic IP Address - Every instance comes with a free of charge, elastic public IPv4 address.

How it works

  • 01

    Sign up for a free trial account (no credit card required) and receive a preloaded balance to test out the functionality.

  • 02

    Start working right away by provisioning your cloud environment.

  • 03

    If you like the Flow Cloud Platform, you have the option to upgrade your account to a full paid account.

Upgrading your account is easy. All you need to do is provide your payment information on the billing page. You have the choice between automatic and manual charging. The Auto-recharge feature automatically adds credit to your accounts balance when it falls below a certain amount. Manual charging means you can buy credits with individual payments.

Accepting pre-orders. Select your preferred Mac mini configuration and pre-order today to make sure you can start using the world's most advanced Mac hosting platform from day one. No minimum contract terms or any other liabilities.

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  • FAQ

What is the planned release date?

Second half of January 2020. 

What is the main benefit of placing a pre-order?

Due to great demand for our Mac Bare Metal service, we wanted to offer customers a way to make reservations so they can get access to their hosted Mac minis right after the release date. Customers who place a pre-order will be treated with priority (first come, first served). 

How much does it cost to place a pre-order?

The entry-level model can be pre-ordered for 50 CHF.
The middle model can be pre-ordered for 100 CHF.
The largest model can be pre-ordered for 150 CHF. 

What is the CHF currency?

As we are a Swiss-based company, pricing is in Swiss franc (CHF). 1 CHF is equal to 1 USD. Here you can check the current exchange rates. 

What exactly happens to the amount of money I used for the pre-order?

After the release date and activation of your account, this amount will be fully credited to your account in our customer portal. This credit is then used for the regular use of the Mac Bare Metal service. 

What payment options are available for pre-orders?

Pre-order payments can be completed using any major credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) and Apple Pay. 

Can I cancel my pre-order before the release date?

Yes. You can cancel your pre-order (for any reason) and you will receive a full refund. Simply contact us via and inform us about your cancellation. 

What will the pricing model look like later?

It will be a Consumption-based pricing model. Payment is made in advance (prepaid principle). You prepay for credits, which are then balanced against the consumption of services. This results in no minimum contract terms or any other liabilities. Basically, it works like a prepaid mobile-phone plan. 

What company is behind this service?

It is Flow Swiss AG from Switzerland (formerly "innofield") the pioneers of the macOS Cloud Hosting industry since 2009. Trusted worldwide by more than 400 companies (including some of the world’s biggest brands) in over 50 countries. 

Do you also offer custom, private Mac Bare Metal cloud services?

Yes. We already serve several enterprise customers with high-secure, managed, private Mac Bare Metal cloud services. It comes by default with a pool of dedicated Mac devices, dedicated Racks, dedicated Access Switches, and optionally with dedicated shared SAN-Storage. 

Have more questions?

We speak German and English and we will be happy to answer your questions. Feel free to get in touch with us via with any questions, comments or feedback. 

Coming Fall 2019

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